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The role of adrenergic receptor on obesity, how the story started and where we are now?

Posted on: 22 November 2012

Freitag's Nutrition

Its just this morning, I sit down and read some old publications made group of scientist from University of Limburg, now Maastricht University. In 90’s they published some interesting works about the role of adrenergic receptors. Surprisingly this study is still on going and new approaches are used.

In 1993, Blaak was studying the role of alpha and beta adrenergic receptor (AR) on thermogenesis. Using healthy male subject they infused beta AR agonist and the effect on those agonist on energy expenditure at rest using open circuit ventilated hood system. In the study, they did reveal that beta1 and beta2 AR is related to sympathetically mediated thermogenesis. This conclusion is made after observation that giving salbutamol (agonist of beta2AR) could increase energy expenditure significantly.

At the following year, a study was conducted. They were working on the role of those receptors on obese individual. This is interesting since the other…

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