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More than 500 million people in this planet are obese…

Posted on: 22 November 2012

Freitag's Nutrition


Here is the situation. Half a billion human worldwide are obese… Okay, we are not just talking about the posture or body image here. We are talking about the side effect of having more weight, how much money that each individual spent to lose weight and how much money that is invented to study how to make people leaner. This is a serious world health problem.

What we have done to handle this problem? Well, almost everything. Diet, exercise, lifestyle intervention with behavioral changes, pills, surgery, and liposuction are some example how bad we want our society to be healthy and lean these days. But what do we got? This prevalence of obesity is much even higher, and the numbers are doubled in past 30 years.

Eat less, move more…

That is not so easy. Although expert panels of World Health Organization have recommended obese and overweight individuals to…

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