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Lipolysis, simple process with big impact

Posted on: 22 November 2012

Freitag's Nutrition

Its all about changes of triglyceride (TG) into fatty acid (FA) and glycerol. Lipolysis converts the most abundant energy storage, triglyceride, into ready to use fatty acid. This process happened in mane places at the entire human body. The most important place is in the adipose tissue where 95% of body’s TG stored. The other spot is in muscle, liver tissue and extracelular fluid.

In adipose tissue lipolysis is done due to demand for systemic FA. However, lipolysis in muscle and liver is happened due to increase demand of local energy needs. This is necessary since lipolysis turnover in those tissue happend faster than lipolysis in adipose tissue. Thus this process is necessary for compensation of short term lack of FA. In the muscle and liver, FA will be used for oxidation or reesterification. Both processed are driven by homone sensitive lipase (HSL).

HSL also control lypolisis process in adipose…

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